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  • Government Project Title
  • Period
  • Developed standard treatment system for atopy diagnosis and prediction of progress through analysis of image processing pattern based on BIG DATA and thermal analysis (Innovative technology development project) 
  • 2017.01.09~2019.01.08(For 24 months)
  • Development of multi functional (preservative / whitening / wrinkle improvement) cosmetics using soil microorganism fermentation extract and nanoporous material (fusion technology development project) 
  • 2016.06.24~ 2018.06.23(For 24 months)
  • ELISA kit for women's cancer diagnosis to advance into the medical market in developing countries
  • 2017.04.01.~2018.12.31(For 21 months)
  • Developed professional hospital hair loss treatment equipment based on hair loss treatment database (technology innovation business)
  • 2014.03.03~2016.03.02(For 24 months)