The anti-aging company that makes a better world for the healthy life of mankind

CEO Greetings


Winners don't do different things, they do things differently

Established in 2005, Innogene is growing by leaps and bounds every year. Innogene is developing anti-aging solutions for healthy life of mankind through skin regeneration stem cell research and fusion technology of Medical Informatics.

Innogene has core technologies for stem cells, which play a pivotal role in skin regeneration and hair follicle formation and developed the original technology to stabilize the aging regulator.

Innogene has medical informatics technology that optimal treatment solution through systematic diagnosis using database.

Innogene is specialized in the field of Hair loss, atopy, psoriasis and, Medicinal cosmetics(cosmeceutical) in skin regeneration such as improvement of elasticity and wound recovery in addition, actively exporting the world's first hair loss auto diagnosis and prognosis prediction system and professional medical equipment to 3,000 special hospitals in Korea as well as Asia and Europe.

Innogene promises to do our best to become an anti-aging leader company that develops optimal treatment solutions by fusing skin regenerative stem cells with medical informatics.